Sub-Zero and Scorpion's interaction.

What a great day to announce a new Mortal Kombat film after fifteen years of inactivity. According to the pictures. The following confirmed characters are...

  • Kabal
  • Jax Briggs
  • Scorpion
  • Sub-Zero
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Jax Brigg's and Kabal's interaction.

In a 2011 interview with MovieWeb, Tancharoen discussed the potential for mapping the Mortal Kombat saga across different mediums and formats:

I think that, with a property or a franchise which has the scope that Mortal Kombat does, I think it's interesting to use different mediums to showcase different parts of that universe. I think the web series itself helps motivate a bunch of back stories. I still think that a feature version of it would be gigantic, but it also works to do both. You have the supporting episodes on the web, that people will get into the origin stories and all that stuff. The movie is obviously the big event, and you see things like that happening quite a bit now. Like, for instance, I'm getting ready for Sucker Punch to come out, and, on the internet, supporting it, are a bunch of animated shorts. It's kind of like how The Animatrix opened up the world of The Matrix and made it much bigger. It's not in the feature film, but it made the universe gigantic, and you were able to see different stories with it.
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